Captivating the crowd with fire !

I don't want confines my self expression into a cage… I must be able to blossom… To find large spaces between the walls of a box !!

As a passionate kinetic artist, it’s through motion that I fulfill myself by my own transcendence !! I hear many people who want that we believe we go to far, who say that “the body is a jail” and think that their lies are better than our truth and who want that we follow their truth rather than our lies !! Frigging booby trap !!

I am not a prisoner, I’m a spirit in fire with this need to always surpass myself, to express myself freely through this Flow Art… I tell you, as long as the heart guides us, accomplishes us and liberates us… We never go to far !!

Some people may not understand, but when I feel and hear the fire, when I dance, I feel a tremendous sense of satisfaction and a complete connection to this art form, which has become part of my soul !
I dance because it fills my heart with pure passion; and allows me to express myself in movement much more eloquently than I can speak. When I light the wicks, when the music begins, I feel every muscle fiber in my body and my brain kicks into high sphere. It is the most exciting thing I have ever experienced !!

I was properly introduced to fire in Nepal and since starting I have been creating ways to push my boundaries with fire performance. My aim is to raise fire shows from the current quick display into a theatrical performance; like making an opera from noise !!

Years of experience with fuels and chemicals involved along with fire safety training means you can be assured that the venue and its clients are in safe hands. Appropriate fire safety equipment is always at hand, and all performances follow an environment risk assessment to ensure the area is suitable for certain elements of the performance.

My fire safety is based on SAFFE (Safety Advisory for Fire & FX in Entertainment) and the regulations of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) !!
Group I NFPA 160 : 1998 editionlast edition

The NAFAA (North American Fire Arts Association) publish a Performer Safety Guidelines to supplement and clarify the NFPA 160 standards involving ‘Group I’ devices before an audience.

For more details, please refer to the summary of informations found in sections 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 of the official UFA (United Fire Artists) Safety Guidelines. Or refer to the full document for detailed information and definitions of terms. (PDF)

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